Underwater LED Fishing Light 60W Green


Model FL60G

12VDC, 60W, Green


The Fish Light is designed to help you catch more fish at night. Features include:


    • Copper-plated battery clips for a better battery connection (This is important)
    • In-line, waterproof fuse holder to prevent issues in the event of a short (This is also important)
    • 60 watts power
    • Green LEDs, preferred by most fishermen


    The Underwater Light is ideal for nighttime fishing on a boat or at your dock. 

    Most underwater fishing lights require you to drill a large hole in the hull of your boat. To use this model simply lower it over the side of your boat. Simple. Safe.

    Perfect for vacationers- you can use it on a rental boat or on your dock.



    • Submerge

    • Connect clips to DC12VDC battery
    • After fishing turn off power and allow light to cool before raising



    • Max depth is 15' underwater.
    • Never place warm or hot Fish Light into the water. Thermal shock may break the light.


    NOTE: These lights have a "Crinkled" inner coating.  It looks like the glass is cracked, but it is not.  You are just seeing the inside coating.





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