Underwater LED Fishing Light 60W Green

Underwater LED Fishing Light 60W Green


Model FL60G

12VDC, 60W, Green


The Fish Light is designed to help you catch more fish at night. Features include:


    • Copper-plated battery clips for a better battery connection (This is important)
    • In-line, waterproof fuse holder to prevent issues in the event of a short (This is also important)
    • 60 watts power
    • Green LEDs, preferred by most fishermen


    The Underwater Light is ideal for nighttime fishing on a boat or at your dock. 

    Most underwater fishing lights require you to drill a large hole in the hull of your boat. To use this model simply lower it over the side of your boat. Simple. Safe.

    Perfect for vacationers- you can use it on a rental boat or on your dock.



    • Submerge

    • Connect clips to DC12VDC battery
    • After fishing turn off power and allow light to cool before raising



    • Max depth is 15' underwater.
    • Never place warm or hot Fish Light into the water. Thermal shock may break the light.


    NOTE: These lights have a "Crinkled" inner coating.  It looks like the glass is cracked, but it is not.  You are just seeing the inside coating.





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