Nobeltec HA-0037 GM-R900 USB GPS

Nobeltec HA-0037 GM-R900 USB GPS

SKU: HA-0037


Nobeltec HA-0037 GM-R900 USB GPS


GM-R900 - this GPS has been designed for laptops and PCs, it's both compact and has outstanding performance for accuracy and sensitivity. Featuring a simple USB conection to the PC its offers fantastic value.

The USB connection of the GM-900 means no addtional USB to serial converter, and no need for additional power connections as power comes directly from the USB connection.

This new generation of GPS includes the latest SiRFstar III technology for increased performance with 20 channel parallel acquisition. A technology that delivers improved satellite acquisition giving faster initial position and a built in high-sensitivity antenna for the best reception and tracking.

Please note:
The GM-R900 GPS does not have any user display (LCD) and must be used with a laptop and suitable software (seaPro).

The GM-R900 may be small, but it contains a high performance 20 channel GPS receiver that will work through glass or plastic enabling it to be placed inside the cabin close to a window or hatch. Even with a restricted view of the sky, this high performance waterproof GPS continues to report accurate positional data.


Please visit Nobeltec website for full specs.

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