Gost Apparition Marine Security System 5" Touchscreen, Contacts, Siren, Key Fob+

Gost Apparition Marine Security System 5" Touchscreen, Contacts, Siren, Key Fob+

SKU: Apparition

GOST Apparition


Designed with large yachts in mind, the GOST Apparition is the most powerful GOST system ever released. The Apparition is controlled via interactive touchscreen keypads (5” included), which can be uploaded with actual interior/exterior photos with sensor locations marked right on the photo, allowing the viewer to see the exact location of the sensor in alarm. With the ability to control up to 192 sensors, access control for up to 32 external/internal doors & hatches, and the ability to check the status of each one by simply touching any of the (up to) 16 touchscreens installed throughout the vessel. Users can program different rules for different doors, limiting or granting access as they see fit. Additionally, users can program up to 8 partitions – security systems within the security system. Crew’s quarters, bedrooms, even a liquor cabinet can be assigned as an individual partition, offering owners complete control.

The GOST Apparition can utilize both wireless and hardwired sensors, made possible by the innovative design of the system’s digital comm bus architecture. This 4 wire comm bus forms the backbone of the system, connecting various areas of the vessel to the main Apparition control unit.


  • 1 each GAP-TSK5* GOST Apparition 5” Interactive Touchscreen in piano black
  • 2 each GP-KF25 Wireless Remote Key Fob
  • 1 each G4G-LTW-WiFi-Octo-Deuce Ultra-Fast 16LTE Band Rugged M2M Data Communicator with built in WiFi & 5 port switch with LTE Advanced (LTE 2) Technology
  • 2 each GMM-DC Wireless Door Contacts
  • 1 each GA-Mini-Siren Water Resistant Super-Loud Mini Marine Siren
  • AC Transformer




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