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9W White LED Bulb- MR16 GU5.3 Outdoor Marine

Price: $4.50  
Model: MR16-9W
Weight: 1.00
Availability: 100

New MR16 GU5.3 base, White LED Bulbs. 

Designed for OUTDOOR USE, unlike most LED bulbs.

Suitable for enclosed fixtures.

Used in Marine applications.

These are from several manufacturers so appearance may vary.

You need to specify the bulb's color temp (3000K = warm, or yellowish, 5000K = cold, or bluish), and the beam angle (Wide for large areas, narrow for spot areas).  You can select from the following color temperatures (K) and beam angles (D).  Please note in your order which model you want shipped- 

9W/2700K/30D 5
9W/3000K/30D 256
9W/3000K/55D 10
9W/3000K/80D 334
9W/4000K/30D 53
9W/4000K/80D 52
9W/5000K/30D 99
9W/5000K/55D 60
9W/5000K/80D 60
9W White LED Bulb- MR16 GU5.3 Outdoor Marine

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