Blackline Harpoon GPS Boat Tracking Security Recovery Kit-0014
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Blackline Harpoon GPS Boat Tracking Security Recovery, Kit-0014

Price: $79.00  
Model: BLK-KIT-0014
Weight: 5.00
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Harpoon GPS

Marine GPS Tracking and Monitoring Security System

Protect, share and connect as never before with the most-effective permanently installed GPS system available for your watercraft. Powerfully combining always-on cellular networks, top-tier GPS tracking and tamper-sensing technology that activates from your own keychain, plus the exclusive, instantly triggered Blackline GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service to speed the return of your stolen watercraft, Harpoon GPS is your extra layer of assurance when you can’t be there yourself.

Harpoon GPS arms and disarms automatically with your MyPasskey fob, and it lets you know by text message and email when your watercraft is tampered with or moved by an unauthorized individual. Plus, our Wet/Dry Mode allows you to tailor your alert settings depending on if your craft is on land or in the water, preventing false alerts.

Advanced sharing technology lets you go beyond mere tracking, allowing you to share your vessel’s location with people you know, via your personalized website panel. Plus, you can track your boat’s precise location, speed and direction on your computer, Blackberry smartphone, or browser-enabled mobile phone—all in real-time and on demand.

Your private website allows you to set all your security preferences—and change them at any time. Select your security parameters, choose icons for your multiple devices, check your vessel’s speed, location and direction on Google maps, and even see where your boat has been in the previous six months.

Harpoon GPS is the first watercraft security device sold at retail featuring the optional GPS Monitoring & Recovery Service. Now you’ll be notified both by text message and a phone call from a real person when your watercraft is compromised, and every effort will be made to recover it as quickly as possible—and with the minimum amount of damage.

The intelligent design of Harpoon GPS makes it easy to install by any professional marine or automotive service specialist. Ask your dealer or security system installer for further details.

Unparalleled features, unmatched performance and unequaled attention to the ownership experience make the Harpoon GPS the smartest choice in security, location awareness, monitoring & recovery for your watercraft.

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  • Dimensions: 4.5" x 3" x 1"; Wt: 3 oz.

  • Controls: Power on button; two-color indicator light

  • Power: Built in Li-Pol battery; 12 VDC input

  • In the box:
  • Harpoon GPS

  • Keyfob

  • Instruction manual
  • Blackline Harpoon GPS Boat Tracking Security Recovery, Kit-0014

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